September 25, 2020

Beware the Wicked Witch! Pt. 1

Words I often try to avoid are ones of Witch, Pagan, or anything else that’ll draw too many eyebrows or odd looks. While we live in an increasingly accepting world (regardless of choice), these labels still carry many stigmas among most members within society.

From religious zealots who believe witchcraft is the tool of the devil, to those who consider it the faults of wild imaginations and minimum boundaries; treating those who make such claims as children wishing to be dinosaurs. The idea of magic, witchcraft, if not dismissed by most at its first mention, is usually reserved for over-exaggerated movies and games.

This, unfortunately, has created an aversion for myself. Not regarding the lifestyle or beliefs, as those I hold dear with glass fingers, but of openly expressing and discussing my lifestyle. Witches may no longer be burned at the stake (in most countries), but they can still be emotionally or socially prosecuted with equal ferocity.

Personally, I blame the aforementioned scenario due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. To many, the idea of a witch is no different than the monster trying to deter poor Dorothy from her journey, or the flamboyant, emo-personality who hates and wishes poorly on all those around them; neither being the truth.

They also think magic means one can shoot fireballs from their hands, or fly brooms across great distances. Which don’t get me wrong would be SUPER cool, but unfortunately given the laws of physics within this reality, and our stunted perception / abilities, these are ideas of make-believe. Real magic, while amazingly wonderful in ways I couldn’t properly describe, lacks the imagination others have defined it with.

“So why not simply be honest and explain yourself to others if they ask” one might question, in hopes the delusional and comforting reality they’ve created actually exists. Because when the big “W” drops, you can see an immediate change in the person’s receptivity. Some like to believe they are clever when it comes to conversing, hiding true thoughts like gems at the bottom of a lake. Yet nothing hides within the eyes.

When you start to discuss a topic others deem ridiculous or uninteresting, a sparkle fades out. It’s almost as if their gaze takes on a hazy look, and while they may be staring at you, their eyes are no longer seeing the person. This doesn’t just happen with more taboo topics like witchcraft, but most times when people have no interest in the topic at hand. Call it the ADHD or Facebook generation (or whatever), but unfortunately for many, if it’s not stimulating it’s not for them.

Regardless… One can never evolve if they are restricted, just as those who do not write will never improve their writing skills. Admitting who you are, despite the awkwardness, is (to me) as important as being who you are. Because of this I feel it’s important to make a post about the subject, not even for other Pagans reading, but for myself.

In continuations of this subject I’ll discuss important issues regarding magic, ranging from why some think it’s evil, to how most magic is used / practised from my research and experiences. But for now, I’ll end this post the way I started, as a Witch.

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