August 11, 2020

Breaking from the Mundane

Originally, I had thought about doing blog posts every day without fail. It’s actually suggested by “professionals” in the field to constantly add new content regardless.

I can’t say I overly agree.

Like with any task given, if you have the mindset it needs to be handled daily, without fail, it becomes work. Even tasks you regularly do for enjoyment can start taking a toll, feeling similar to a grind.

When this happens, we can loose perspective. Why we started this task to begin with, the joys and hopes associated. over time something previously derived from fun (or determination to become better), turns into another item on the already over-crowded to-do list.

Eventually, even the simplest of routine tasks can begin to feel insurmountable. Another boulder pressing down on an already weak back. This can lead to breaks of varying degrees, from needing a couple days for yourself, to drastic life changes; all in an attempt to breathe again.

There are some people however, who do enjoy routine. It offers them comfort and stability. I am one of these individuals (to a certain extent). Yet even I understand too much of anything is not a good thing. For example, eating candy and chocolate every meal of the day, which in my defence is incredibly delicious! And really, it’s mostly carbs-free, so that has to be a plus right!?

Anyway. >_>

Failure to break out of even the most comfortable of routines can often lead to days passing without notice. Suddenly Monday became Thursday, then it’s Sunday. Before you realize what’s happening the little things in life, pleasure often derived in the moment, have faded into a haze of repetition.

Let’s not forget a potential dip in quality too. Even the most talented person in the world I’m sure needs to break on occasion, lest they stumble and fall. In a world very much focused on the “new’, we can often forget how important quality over quantity actually is.

Not to say you should only add content on rare occasions, or avoid practising really hard on something you’re passionate about. I’m merely suggesting we pay attention to when our minds or bodies need a break from the routine. How instead of pushing through, maybe we stop to notice the small joys around us, and carry that appreciation into the next dawn.

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