August 12, 2020

Chicken “Fried” Rice

My reason for putting “fried” in quotation marks is because the rice isn’t actually fried. Doing so is rather unhealthy and I would suggest using alternative methods. Besides, you can make the meal taste equally good by simply boiling or steaming the rice.

I believe cooking is an art. You can follow recipes to the letter, treating it more like a math equation than an expression, but I feel true taste derives from patience, love, and a desire to create something nourishing / delicious. I’ll always recommend a custom atmosphere for every recipe, something to bring enjoyment forth, while making every dish feel unique.

This particular food, Chicken “Fried” Rice, felt like it should be warm and welcoming, like a family get-together on a celebratory evening. I played a couple specific episodes of the show Friends during its creation, to help maintain an atmosphere of community coupled with lightheartedness; embraced by a cool fall wind swirling outside.

Because my limitations can vary on a daily basis, food I cook is often done in batch form, giving me enough to last the week. Since many who read this probably prefer smaller versions, I will leave out specific quantities. Instead, I encourage you to add what feels right, whether your recipe calls for a table spoon of garlic, or half the bag ^_*

Ingredients needed: Chicken, Onion, Peas, Rice, Butter, Olive Oil, Basil, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Paprika, Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Rice type is optional: In this version I used gluten free, long-grain white rice, but honestly any type of rice works. If you’re boiling the rice as I did, add a generous spoonful of butter, as well as some basil to the water as you’re mixing the rice in. Stir occasionally while cooking.

One Sweet Onion: Cut into small slices, about half an inch in length. Mix the onions with salt, pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinaigrette before frying. Cook on the pan until golden brown.

Peas: Preferably a fresh bag of uncooked, but canned works too. Mix into the same pan as the onions (when the onions have almost finished cooking), adding some garlic in the process. Cook together until peas are soft enough to eat, then leave on a low temperature.

Chicken: Slice into small, inch sized chunks. Place in a pan with olive oil, butter, salt, garlic, and paprika. Those who don’t like garlic can substitute for something similar. If you don’t like paprika, a sweet chili powder can work as well. Cook the chicken slices with a lid on top at medium heat, to ensure the chicken cooks completely through.

Final Preparation: Once all ingredients are finished cooking (preferably around the same time), place the rice in a large mixing bowl, adding and stirring the peas and onion combination first. When they are mixed thoroughly, drain approximately half the juices from the chicken pan, before adding both the chicken and remaining juices into the mixing bowl. How much liquid added is your choice, as long as the consistency stays moist but not swimming. We aren’t making a soup or stew.

After you’ve finished stirring in all the ingredients, either serve the meal or place in a container for later. If done right, you should have a delicious Chicken “Friend” Rice equal in taste, yet better in quality, than most restaurants. Created in under an hour.

Enjoy. 🙂

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