August 12, 2020

Communication vs Kindness

Communication is very important to, well, everyone. A miscommunication can lead to breakups, fights, wars, or simply loosing contact with those you care about for long periods.

I wonder though, how important would communication be if we lacked issues such as insecurity, fear, a longing desire to be understood / heard within the ever growing massive population. . . I wonder if kindness could change things?

What are some of the reasons people react poorly during a miscommunication? From what I can tell (which isn’t much lol), usually the other person either feels attacked, or is assuming the worst possible scenario.

How often do we give people the benefit of the doubt? Maybe they don’t mean the insulting thing they said, maybe they don’t understand how it impacts me, or is coming across? More likely than not, if people hear something they don’t agree with they act out accordingly. Sometimes in increasingly aggressive ways. If instead, they approached the situation with patience, love, a warmth of kindness accepting everything brought to them with open arms, would the misunderstanding be diffused?

Talking things out is usually not an issue, we can explain things to one another until thoughts become nothing but blurred remnants of a point long past. But without kindness, will it matter? If you don’t feel your attempt is being embraced warmly, will you ever settle the restlessness inside?

From an autistic perspective proper communication, understanding others, is impossible. People are too varied, formed from experiences I can never comprehend, situations I’ve never been exposed to. This isn’t even taking into consideration how their brain chemistry works, what thoughts or reactions trigger in uniquely complex ways.

Kindness requires little understanding. There are few things more universal than a warm energy and welcoming smile. Even if we have no idea how the other views reality, if both people are kind, accepting, harmony can exist.

Personally, I never expect people to understand the way I think, or even agree with the parts they can comprehend. However, I do wish we all were a little more kind.

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