August 12, 2020

Girl from the “Twisted” side

This recommendation is actually about a manga called “The Girl from the other Side”. An on-going, Gothic-style series by the talented author Nagabe.

Originally, I was drawn to this manga because of the artwork. Heavy contrast between dark and light tones, brilliant shadowing, and character designs both twisted and appealing. While reading, I’d often find myself lingering at each page, wanting to take in every element of a scene before moving onto the next.

Soon however, it wasn’t just the artwork holding my gaze, but the in-depth meaningful story.

Without giving much away, the bulk of this narrative follows a little girl named Shiva, and her guardian known only as “Teacher”. As you can tell from the picture above, his appearance is slightly off. While they haven’t said exactly what “Teacher” is (at least not with how far I’ve read), it’s implied he’s suffering from the same curse inflicting many of the populous.

In these trying times humans are kept hidden behind giant walls and protective rules, attempting to minimize exposure to the curse.

What we’re met with in “The Girl from the Other Side”, is a harrowing tale of what it means to be human, and to have a soul. Readers will see both sides of the coin as those reviled can be good, while ones praised may be more corrupt than the curse itself.

Ultimately, you can disregard all the philosophical and theoretical undertones delivered in somewhat sparse but heavily impactful text. What you’re left with is a beautiful story about two strangers bonding, in a world torn asunder.

I’ve only read seven volumes so far, and will be picking up the next one the moment it becomes available. They may not last as long as other manga do, having finished each volume in less than half the time it takes to read most (including time spent lingering). However what you do get is such high quality, it’s well worth the price; or a second read.

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