September 24, 2020

In Latest News!

Most people I know, or meet, tend to follow current events rather meticulously. This often results in them asking me questions such as “What are your thoughts on?” or, “Did you know?”. Sometimes they’ll even send me links on topics they feel to be important. This happens, despite expressing my lack of concern or desire to know the world around me (a comment usually met with silent criticism / disdain).

There are reasons for my lack of knowledge. I could explain how it’s too painful hearing of such dark events. How every negative story of death, poverty, or selfish act weighs heavily on my soul; turning feet to sand and mind to rubble. Another route would be to express the lack of time in each day, resulting in my focus being set towards more immediate issues (which to be honest isn’t the truth). However, the most prevalent reason lies in the fact that I simply don’t understand the point in knowing.

Very rarely has the news anything positive to say. Usually it’s about how the world will end in the next 20 years (something declared since before the pyramids), how someone has done something wrong and we should be outraged, or the more depressing stream of “important” information, what a certain celebrity is now eating for breakfast. What does any of this have to do with my daily routine? What will having this knowledge accomplish?

Though I can feel the proverbial pitchforks being raised, please give me a moment to explain. I don’t believe information in general is useless. Knowing what is happening around us is important, and helps to spread awareness regarding important events. BUT! And this is a big but lol. It’s only useful if the newly acquired information is used in a practical and productive way.

Too many of us hear things we dislike and simply let the information fester. Like an infection it grows inside us, mixing with other elements, additional information, until we begin to decay, shrivel up like disgruntled raisins. It starts small at first, a sarcastic comment about a minor topic you heard on the news. Then you begin to complain on rare occasions; when the buildup becomes a little too strenuous on tired days. Eventually all you see is negative, even in places it doesn’t exist.

My question. During this decline of enjoyment were any steps taken to remedy the issues being presented? Did you organize a protest, start a petition? Perhaps go back to school and specialize in solar power to help with the longevity of resources?

Some people do. There are individuals who learn about unfortunate situations and take action to help. Maybe join a political party in an attempt to incite change, alter their lifestyle, or the more likely scenario, take part in something local to help bolster the community. These people tend to see both the good and bad within the world, then strive for good. They are to be appreciated.

In my situation, I know my limitations. They say anyone can do anything, but those positions are reserved for special cases. You will not find me attending school to prevent climate change. I don’t have the drive or stamina to organize petitions, and I lack the social grace to express myself properly via public speaking. For me, learning the mayor of my city skims money from the treasury (as an example), means little, because I won’t be taking action to indict him or her. As won’t most people who learn this information. Yet they will allow it room to fester and grow inside them, consuming their entire day, week, month even.

What’s the point?

Those of you who follow the news regularly, I can only hope the information is being used to help improve surrounding areas and make positive change. I trust it doesn’t become another negative outlook, or fuel for coffee-talk with your friends. conflicting news about the world is a wonderful tool when you’re willing to wield it in an attempt to incite change. For those of you, us, who aren’t, what’s the point in weighing ourselves down, only to jump in the ocean?

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