August 12, 2020

Ladies & Gentlemen!

Follow down, for those who care,
a basket of secrets to which I share.
One for folly, unbridled please,
the other hidden beneath the seas.

Watch the “snap”, if you’d be so kind,
A twisted mind can’t turn back time.
I can however, be your friend,
As long as you stay within my head.

Your clothes laid out, forgot the socks,
don’t doddle now you’ll soon be lost.
Tripping thoughts, stumble and fret,
the party’s far from over pet.

Welcome all, among the chimes,
my assistant seems without a mind.
Turn quickly heads, cheek to cheek,
bare witness to my greatest feat.

Behold a box, sought to be bare,
saddled with a thousand snares.
Flick of the wrist, an old wives’ trick,
try not to let it make you sick.

The difficult part, to all still watching,
begs you to refrain from crying.
I promised once, if memory serves,
asking again is arouse for concern.

Abracadabra, or something like that,
Let me check inside my hat.
Nope not there, this is a pickle,
who knew life could be so fickle.

Perfectly alright, we’ve got plenty more,
disregard the painted doors.
A soft bow, you are too kind,
now if you’d be so inclined,
Follow down.

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