September 25, 2020


The actual reason is much more mundane than the picture above would have you believe. I just rarely get the opportunity to reference something as fun (and outdated) as I Love Lucy.

I truly love writing, in all its forms. From short stories to novels, poems and continuous series. I’m hoping, people who stumble upon this site (or visit regularly), will take enjoyment from the things I create. At the very least, I’d be happy to share a little amusement and joy with people of the world; and this is one of the only ways I know how.

Additionally, being autistic results in my ability to socialize being rather limited. I have difficulty in the outside world, and most things that require talking with other people vocally for long periods, or travelling great distances to accomplish, are beyond me. This site however, enables me to feel connected to others, a little less isolated. Plus, I really enjoy writing.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this. If you have any requests for stories, or topics for me to discuss, please go to the “Contact” section. If you want to know a little more (emphasis on little) about me, visit the “About” page.