August 12, 2020

Taste the Gaybow

Being part of the LGBTQ community is too complicated lol.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, I promise, but I just can’t bring myself to get involved. The terminology, for example, has grown too much. At what point do we need to leave some of the alphabet for our straight neighbours? I’m pretty sure at this point it extends to something like LGBTQIA+? Come on people….

Then there’s the apparent “Gay Agenda”, where people are worried the LGBTQ community is trying to influence others to join their “lifestyle”, as if it’s the latest fashion or “clique”. We also have parades which some people take part in, while others protest.

There’s parts of, and people in the world, who fight for equal rights regarding employment and marriage. Meanwhile an equally powerful movement attempts to prosecute or restrict people of the community.

Then there’s the LGBTQ people themselves, which are as diverse and complicated as any other group of individuals. Constantly subject to infighting and prejudice. It’s amazing how people of the same community can not only dislike or even hate one another, but become as destructive as the exterior forces attempting to crush them.

It’s exhausting really.

People’s ideas of whether or not living an alternative lifestyle is “right or “wrong”. Members of the LGBTQ community expecting all those who share their views to express and represent them throughout the world. Where failure to do so can result in greater prosecution than your local priest trying to gently, but consistently, sway you towards the “Holy choice”.

Then we have some countries where being gay, lesbian, trans, etc., not only ostracizes you from those you care about, but can result in death or imprisonment.

At what point can we all just live our lives in peace, without any care of who the other person does or doesn’t love?

Why must some of us fight for basic rights, while others get stuck behind parades celebrating something which doesn’t need to be celebrated? Personally, I don’t agree with the Gay Pride Parade because there’s no Straight Pride Parade. Equality means equal, one for one, eye for an eye; but I’ll get more into parades on a different post.

Issues with the LGBTQ community should never be, same as issues like Racism, or Prejudice towards groups of people should never be. It’s that simple really, just stop lol. It literally has no merit in our limited time on this planet, and people are wasting precious moments fighting when they should be busy enjoying what’s around them.

There’s a slogan by the company that makes the candy Skittles, known as “Taste the Rainbow”. The rainbow being recognized as a symbol of the LGBTQ community, is one significantly less delicious in nature. It’s pain, confusion, confrontation, forced political values, prejudice, and at times even dangerous to one’s life; by people and groups both within and outside of the community.

However, for a large group of us, we don’t want to be the world’s representation, or be arrested for loving someone of the same sex. We don’t want to listen to hurtful opinions by people against, or supporting, our lifestyle. And we don’t want to walk in giant parades to announce “We are Here”.

Some of us simply want to curl up with the person we love on a cool night and watch a movie, while the world passes us by.

Is that really so bad?

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