August 12, 2020

The First Snowfall

I awoke this morning to one of my favourite sights, a layer of fresh snow covering the ground before me. Where I live it snows a lot, sometimes we end up with piles two people high because of how much builds up in the parking lot of our apartment building.

There are many different reasons for loving snow, from the way it falls gently or aggressively towards the earth, to how it absorbs sound; quieting the world around us. I’m sure many of you remember seeing snow as a child, the excitement, joy, magic birthed within an instant of witnessing this beautiful blanket of nature.

Times you’d go tobogganing with friends or by yourself. Build snow-people, have snowball fights. Sometimes eat fresh snow before it was mixed with dirt from the ground. One of my favourite past and present experiences, is when the snow gets so high you can’t walk properly. Making you scan the area for past footprints lingering like a silhouette, using them as leverage in your attempt to cross the mighty tundra.

In our country however, there seems to be an odd pattern regarding how one views snow. Similar to many instances in life, as people age they fail to see the beauty before them, eventually considering snow to be just another obstacle or danger to overcome. This isn’t the case for everyone, but enough to feel a little sympathy towards our white snow babies bringing happiness from the skies.

From my perspective snow (and winter in general), mark an exciting transition period. One of reflection and growth. The heaviness surrounding us, the atmosphere it creates, plus the holidays (for those who celebrate them), help encourage us to take stock of our lives, and what we’d like to change in the year ahead.

Plus it’s just fun! I mean seriously how can you look at snow and not be like “Awwwww yeah! I’mma enjoy the heck outta that!” Sure like with all seasons winter comes with its own challenges. But that’s the price you pay to be part of something SO beautiful, magical, it leaves an eternal footprint on your childhood.

If I had one winter-related rule, it would be to play in the snow at least a couple of times during winter. Reconnect the joy of being with nature, reignite the twinkle in your eye, and take pleasure from something so wonderfully complex, it’s actually rather simplistic.

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