September 25, 2020

The Good Cry

People cry a lot.

Usually it’s out of pain or sadness, sometimes fear and uncertainty. When it comes to coping with emotionally straining situations, crying is our bodies way of dealing.

On occasion, rare for some people and more frequent for others, there’s the good cry. It can happen during the middle of a laugh, or at a random moment in life where you’re so overcome by joy or love for what’s around you, crying is your only response.

I don’t feel people acknowledge these moments enough, or let them be fully experienced. Crying, while considered a weakness by some, to me is a form of celebration. Regardless of what emotions you are feeling they have become so intense, alive inside you, the result is a forced explosion of expression.

When it comes to a good cry however, they are doubly important, if not for the rarity alone.

Life is spectacular. It just is. Pain, pleasure, love, dislikes, a whirlwind of emotions and circumstances for you to experience within a limited amount of time. How could it be anything but spectacular?

Some do have it more difficult than others. People who are living on the streets, or sick in hospitals for example. But that doesn’t make their experiences any less amazing in their own way, or not worth celebrating. If we can’t take joy in life, even during the most dire of circumstances, then what’s the point in existing? In fighting?

I cry more than I probably should lol, or at least more than most I know. Usually it’s from a book I’ve read or show I’ve watched, getting too enveloped in the well-being of a character. But sometimes, oh some wonderful times, it’s from happiness in its purest forms.

When such an intense moment occurs I dive in head first. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, if my love for the beauty of this world has become so intense it needs to be released, it’s going to be.

And why not?

What’s shameful about crying, having emotions and needing to release them? It doesn’t stop me from doing what I want in life, or change my personality in any way. It doesn’t mean I can’t handle pain when necessary, or fight at times of importance. Crying is nothing more than my emotions becoming so wonderfully intense they have no option but to erupt.

Shouldn’t such an experience be welcomed? Why are we here if not to experience life in any and every possible way?

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I can say with absolute confidence I cry. And sometimes, oh those magical times, it’s so wonderfully good.

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