September 25, 2020

Tis the Season to be Creative!

For many people of the world holidays are closing in fast. The hustle and bustle of crowds, making plans and purchasing plane / train tickets. Everyone (hopefully) getting excited to spend time with those they care about. But what about the presents!?

Holidays, most of which, have now become commercialized money making extravaganzas!! The amount many people spend on things from food to presents, trips and decorations, is enough to make a person gasp in disbelief. Don’t get me wrong, presents are fun and awesome for people of all ages, but I wonder if they’ve taken a little too much of the spotlight; at least in regards to store bought items.

I really enjoy the large family visit with games and music, spending time making memories and sharing laughs. For me it’s the most important part of any holiday, aside from the nice quiet ones spent with a partner (which are equally valuable). Mind you, it shouldn’t take a holiday to enjoy a large family get together, but sometimes we take what we can get ^_^

When it comes to the big “P” word however, one can but help to wonder it’s place within the holidays, aside from leaving parents bankrupt come January.

There is this weird expectation, especially when it comes to Christmas, that children must receive everything they desire. This unfortunately puts financial strain on those who can afford it, but worse, those who can’t are riddled with depression and guilt for not living up to some ridiculous expectation of celebration. Imagine being the parent explaining to their child why he or she only received one gift this year, while then neighbour got a truckload and then some?

It’s sad. Not because of the situation the parent or partner finds themselves in, but because we’ve placed emotional value and importance on material items during a time where our focus should be celebrating the moments we have with our loved ones. It’s sad because many people have substituted time for money, thinking it simpler to purchase affection from those around them.

To counter this, I would like to offer a challenge to anyone reading. My partner and I prefer a combination holiday when it comes to presents, where you purchase a small item or two as a gift, but create something as well. The bulk of our gift-opening-enjoyment results from seeing the hard work and creativity of one another. An event designed to bring us closer and develop greater appreciation for the people in our lives.

This idea can work for anyone. Heck I remember in the “old days” a truly wonderful gift would be if someone made a cassette tape of your favourite songs (or songs they thought you would like), mainly because back then recording a song meant waiting until the radio played it lol.

But I digress.

I believe celebrating things like birthdays and holidays are important, not for their meaning or commercial value, but because very few people celebrate life and loved ones on a regular basis, and we could all use more of that. When it comes to presents, while fun, should really be from the heart and not the bank. So like I mentioned above, if you’re really interested in spreading some joy this year, create something to fill the lives and hearts of others. If you just have to much money to hold onto, donate some nice gifts to an orphanage or children’s hospital, they could always use the extra cheer.

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