August 12, 2020

Weird is SO Hot Right Now!

Being weird is in a weird place. When I was a child being different got me bullied, ignored, or treated like some leper lurking in the background of everyone’s sunny disposition; waiting for my chance to infect. Friends were few and difficult to keep, many people close to me would regularly berate me for my behaviour. Creating some form of shame association.

Over the years however, I’ve noticed an insurgence of weird behaviour, like a really inconsistent wave of celebration… I don’t know how this makes me feel.

-takes a minute to gather her thoughts-

It’s difficult for me to feel / find authenticity within the exaggerated.

Lately, it feels like people need to celebrate too much. Celebrate being part of the LGBTQ community, being weird, even being autistic in some circles. What happened to simply being?

To me, the whole concept of weird is a matter of perspective. Most people I’ve met would consider me weird for the hobbies I enjoy, or the way I think. Yet, I consider them weird when compared to my lifestyle. Does that make one of us right and the other wrong? Do we need to celebrate how weird we are to make one another feel better, like we matter?

What makes you different from everyone else is beautiful. It should be embraced and explored as part of your personality. My hesitation, which is haphazardly forcing its way into this post, is when I see people constantly announcing or celebrating said weirdness.

No one should ever be ashamed of who they are, but wouldn’t that mean the next stage is merely being content? From my experience the truly weird ones, people who’ve felt what it’s like to dodge disgusted glances, or been talked down to as if their incapable of stringing together two coherent thoughts, don’t want to celebrate their differences with a party or acknowledgement. They just want to be left alone and not judged; maybe given a small hug once in a while.

Weird has almost become a fashion statement. Worn on your arm like a badge of pride… Within reason. Let me elaborate. a VERY SPECIFIC type of weird has become a fashion statement. Where people dress or act in bizarre (but still generally accepted) ways that get the attention of those around them; who then celebrate how said person is so very “different” or “Unique”. Ironically, these types often have a fair bit of friends, or at the very least, were not prosecuted via trial-by-fire for their behaviour.

Yet what happens when even those “weirdos” meet ones beyond their comfort threshold? The fellow employee who talks incredibly slow, wears the same shirt, and never breaks eye contact. Someone on the bus quietly talking to themselves while keeping their head low. Perhaps a person who needs to walk around three times in a circle before heading in any direction. Are these fellow humans celebrated? Or perhaps only tolerated until their back is turned, or those around them grow weak with patience?

Being weird needs to stop being a thing (at least in my mind). It doesn’t need to be celebrated, because what’s being celebrated isn’t someone’s authentic personality, it’s a form of expression. Like a painting or a song. Do you think most singers go home and act in the same way represented through their music? I doubt it. They are providing a service, entertainment, a fictional representation the public can enjoy, while sneaking in occasional nuggets of truth to help feel like part of their real selves are being exposed. This is what “being weird” has become in many places.

Please, to anyone reading this, if you’re different than be it. Love yourself and don’t listen to how anyone says you “need” to act. Embrace every aspect of your personality be it good or bad. But before you start worrying about how to celebrate, receive acknowledgement or praise. Maybe, take time to consider your authenticity. Maybe, be content with simply being.

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